Greenpeace hires “investigative journalists” for slander campaigns

Uh oh! If you work in a corporation that is involved in the fossil fuel industry or are in government, Greenpeace is coming after you. The UK Guardian report they group is hiring former investigative reporters with BBC and The New York Times as part of Greenpeace’s campaigns like climate change, deforestation, fishing, etc.

The Guardian also states:

About half a dozen core team members will be supplemented by a network of freelancers, field researchers and specialists based around the world. The unit will also use technology such as satellite imaging and drones to build investigations.

The best example of what to expect with this kind of effort came four months ago through a blog post of Dr. Roy Spencer who is a is a climatologist and Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He was attending a climate change conference in Washington DC when he posted his essay. Dr. Spencer was approached by a well-dressed individual who asked to talk to him. The scientist gave the individual the benefit of the doubt and decided to engage in which Dr. Spencer gave this assessment of the conversation:

The conversation began innocently enough, but then after 10 minutes of smiling accusations and baseless assertions, I was getting a little annoyed.

He even asked me if I considered him a “global warming Nazi“. I said, no, and explained the history of my use of that label (which I still stand by).

I said it’s obvious we are at opposite ends of the spectrum and tried to extricate myself from the conversation.

Then one of the conference staff and a security guard approached and said, basically, do you know this young man has a mic on him, and the young lady sitting across the way has a video camera recording your conversation?

Well, no I didn’t! How utterly delightful…and professional!

The Greenpeace activists tried to entrap Dr. Spencer into making statements either to misquote or cherry pick his statements by editing the video. This kind of activity is not limited to Greenpeace, other environmentalist groups do this as well. Animal rights activists for groups, like PETA, are notorious not only for trespassing on slaughterhouse and medical lab grounds but also for editing videos or showing footage of anima-related businesses other than the ones they claim the footage was shot. This done in order to skew events on camera they claim are evidence of animal abuse. The only difference now is that Greenpeace has hired some people who are professionals at it with drones and satellites at their disposal.

Greenpeace seeks to project themselves as being all pure and honest but it is all a facade. I have written numerous times about the group exposing their lies which demonstrates that they have no regard for the truth or human life. It is small wonder why Dr. Patrick Moore has denounced the group he helped establish as evil.