Environmentalists find new tool to cut off California water supply

The mean greenies are completing their destruction of California by attacking the state’s water supply. In the tradition of using the Delta Smelt, are going to use another endangered fish to further restrict the state’s water supply.

KABC reports environmentalists have announced they will sue the Water Reclamation Authority, City of San Bernardino and City of Colton for shutting off the outflow of water from the plant to the Santa Ana River that the Santa Ana sucker fish relies on to survive. Sitting off the water, environmentalists claim, violates the Endangered Species Act. A federal judge could make a decision about the issue at hand if a solution is not worked out over the next few months.

Most of California’s water supply is delivered from the Sierra Nevada mountains resulting from snowfall that takes place every winter. Environmentalist groups have been steadfast in their opposition to upgrading California’s water delivery infrastructure that affects major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco since the 1980’s. Environmentalist support of conservation and water recycling is merely smoke and mirrors. Their opposition to enhanced water delivery systems isn’t limited to California but other states too. It also demonstrates one other way they express their nihilistic, vicious hostility to human beings by seeking to restrict the water supply people rely on in order to rid the Earth of human beings.