Greenpeace releases pseudo “rank and spank” restaurant ranking campaign

Seafood News reports Greenpeace released its first report on Food companies use of seafood. However, the list only praises 3 out of 14 companies (Sodexo, Compass, and Aramark) and those were the only ones who agreed to speak with Greenpeace and earned passing grades.

However, it hasn’t stopped Greenpeace from attacking the Thai Union Group’s fishing methods despite TUG seeking to implement sustainability methods and meeting with Greenpeace regularly. Thai Union Group owns Bumble Bee and Chicken of the Sea tuna products and recently came under fire after documents made public revealed TUG collaborated with two other tuna makers to not sell tuna caught using non-sustainable methods.

Greenpeace’s attacks on the fishing industry is another example of environmentalists trying to force people to change their diets and their using the restaurant ranking is another means to fundraise. Greenpeace has been complicit in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people due to the organization’s staunch opposition to bio-tech foods. Whats a few thousand or million more when they get done restricting the supply of fish for human consumption?