Animal “rights” groups lobby USDA for rules that target wildlife parks

Animal rights groups are petitioning the USDA to implement distance requirements that would negatively affect a Kansas wildlife park. According to Wichita’s CBS affiliate KWCH, the organizations behind the petition don’t like the manner in which venues like Tanganyika Wildlife Park conducts itself and are making efforts to ban contact with some animals the park houses.

If the rules are implemented, the park’s response to the petition states they would have to close their Lemur Island attraction where park guests can feed rhinos, pygmy hippos, and participate in a camel ride. Closing Lemur Island due to the new rules would not only end those practices but result in a $750,000 loss for Tanganyika Wildlife Park which is 1/3 of their budget.

“Part of our mission is to strengthen the connection between people in the natural world, and we do that by providing real experiences that are entertaining and educational,” Matt Fouts, the assistant director at the park told KWCH. Bouts also said during the interview the new mandates would restrict them from pulling baby “big” cats from their mothers. He pulling the babies is key to breeding success.

Just like PETA’s attacking Sea World for their using orcas as part of a entertainment attraction, animal rights organizations are targeting wildlife parks and other establishments that provide people that ability to have contact with animals they normally may not be able to experience.

With these facts in mind it is clear that groups behind the petition want to shut down wildlife parks, like Tanganyika, not just because the theme park holds animals in captivity but they are used to entertain people. It is another way for a group of demagogues to force their views on others. As long as animal rights activists hew to the idea that since animals feel pain like humans they deserve the same rights as people, these extremists will conduct activities like this in an attempt to halt the use of animals for entertainment are the result of their irrational world view.