GMO Mosquito Conspiracy Nuts: What’s Your Vector, Victor?

A satirical rebuke of activists blocking GMO mosquitoes.

An Ecomodernist Mom

A goddamned mosquito just bit me on my face in my own house because I live in Florida and it’s impossible to get away from these little fuckers. Now, we’re about to get a tropical storm so there will be lots of standing water around and there will be a bunch of mosquito sex and mosquito babies and I will have to wear Deep Woods Off just to walk the dog.

Mosquitoes are always a problem here in Florida – we’re used to it. The sound of the mosquito truck driving by at night, spraying whatever magic poison they’re spraying, is oddly soothing believe it or not because you think maybe you won’t get eaten alive while you’re getting the mail. Floridians are also accustomed to the threat of all the nasty diseases that mosquitoes carry and the staph infections people get when they scratch the bites (this is pretty common…

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