Rich, Hollywood liberal Emma Thompson teams up with racist Greenpeace

One has to wonder if Emma Thompson’s life is so pathetic that she has decided to join Greenpeace’s campaign to advocate against seismic blasting in Nunavut, Canada.

Huffington Post, Canada reports that Greenpeace is financing the appeal of the hamlet of Baffin Bay and the Davis Straight to the Supreme Court of Canada in an attempt to halt seismic testing being conducted in the Arctic Sea with the permission of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government. The technique is used by fossil fuel companies to find oil and gas deposits for extraction. The greens, not surprisingly, allege the method is harmful to local sea life.

Note the hilarious irony of HuffPo Canada reporting on Thompson stating:

Thompson blasted a “cataclysmic carousel of greed” that she says motivates oil and gas companies to keep “prospecting for more of the stuff that melted (the Arctic) in the first place.”

In her interview Thompson acknowledged Greenpeace’s reputation among nearby Nunavut residents. Despite the green group’s reversal on their opposition to the Inuit whale hunt, Nunavutans think Greenpeace should either pay them compensation or be shut down entirely for what they did to them for over 30 years. National Post points out the controversy surrounding Greenpeace in Nunavut is the result of their opposition to whale and seal hunting. Greenpeace is not only blamed by the Nunavut people for destroying one of the region’s only revenue sources, but for driving once-proud hunters to welfare dependency and even suicide.

A people and their way of life were destroyed by the efforts of environmentalists who sought to save whales and seals and sacrificed the lives of native Canadian Indians in the process. This and what is in Phelim McAleer’s movie Mine Your Own Business are some of many examples of environmentalists who dictate to other people how to live their lives.

When all was said and done, the Greenpeace activists and wealthy Hollywood actress Emma Thompson who condemn seismic blasting and Canada’s government for permitting the activity went back to their nice, comfortable homes and all of their luxuries. This while people in Nunavut and elsewhere suffer because rich Hollywood liberals and Greenpeace opposed the exploration and extraction of fossil fuels that allows people (like Thompson and other environmentalist elites) to have their lifestyles. It is a lot easier to oppose energy production and productivity when you have a lot of money and think you can tell other people how to live. Besides, what does the lives of a few under class, slant-eyed colored people matter anyway?