CBD endorses DAP pipeline violence

The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) has issued at statement of solidarity supporting the efforts of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in its opposition to the Dakota Area Pipeline (DAP). The press release states (in part):

The Center for Biological Diversity stands in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and more than 150 American Indian nations opposing construction of the dangerous, unnecessary and monumentally disrespectful Dakota Access Oil Pipeline. The pipeline will worsen global warming, desecrate sacred lands essential to the Sioux Nation’s history, culture and identity, and threaten the water supply of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

Respecting the diversity of the Earth’s cultures and people is intrinsically connected to protecting its plants and animals. Ending the extinction, climate change and cultural oppression crises requires recognition and respect for the rights and unique cultures of indigenous peoples. In the United States and globally, they disproportionately suffer the land, air and water pollution costs of oil, gas, coal and uranium mining and transportation. This must end.

Nowhere in the group’s press release does CBD condemn the violence that has been conducted on the part of Indian and environmentalist terrorists. The statement includes the two paragraphs announcing CBD’s support and then a list of three to four demands followed by a poem. At first glance it may seem that accusing the group of endorsing violence during the DAP controversy is jumping to conclusions but it isn’t.

The best example of environmentalist group’s endorsement of violence is revealed in an EarthFirst! recruitment film. The movie is a bit dated (1987) but it shows the environmentalist movement for what it is: a nihilistic, Earth-worshiping, anti-industrial cult that reverses primitivism. In the film, you see activists not only participating in but proudly proclaiming they have spiked trees and conducted other forms of sabotage. I realize as a part of political tactics the radicals are the ones who push the envelope and help the more mainstream groups, but the overall context is to the detriment of mankind.

California Sierra Club regional director Bob Hattoy is interviewed and he excuses the actions of EarthFirst! making such proclamations that direct actions being a tool like his tie. Earlier he states he does not want to see anyone get injured but he does not condemn EarthFirst’s terrorist activities. Hattoy knows EarthFirst’s eco-terrorism make his organization’s job easier to make the case for more environmental rules and regulations with politicians and bureaucrats.

Taking what is described above into account, it is not a stretch to proclaim that the Center for Biological Diversity’s expression of solidarity is tantamount to an endorsement of the violence that took place late last week and further actions of violence in North Dakota in the future. If you decide to watch the movie, note the angry rant of EarthFirst! founder Dave Foremman who literally proclaims death for mankind:

Its time for a warrior society to rise out of the Earth and put ourselves in front of the juggernaut of destruction! To be antibodies against the human pox!