CBD conducts “sue and settle” against EPA over ocean acidification

The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) has filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency in an attempt to force the bureaucracy to implement new water quality standards that are geared to protect marine life resulting from human carbon emissions (.e. climate change).

As reported by Reuters, CBD alleges in their 12-page legal brief filed in U.S. District Court in Washington that the EPA has neglected to act as required by the Clean Water Act in order to address the alleged growing threat of ocean acidification. The group calls for water quality standards to be updated to match recent scientific studies that show carbon dioxide from human activity is altering the chemistry of oceans, resulting in sea water becoming increasingly acidic.

This lawsuit will be one of many instances where environmentalist groups sue government agencies for their lack of action on a particular subject, and then settle out of court for a certain amount where green litigant groups can recover court costs and then some to fill their coffers to fund other lawsuits or other activities down the line.

Recently the US Chamber of Commerce issued a report resulting from research they did correlating EPA rules enacted after being sued by environmentalist groups some of which cost businesses billions of dollars. Rather than enact rules on carbon emissions, the agency conspires in a sue and settle context in which have those same groups initiate lawsuits against the agency itself in order to give it an excuse to mandate the regulations it wants but can’t due to a lack of Congressional action. Organizations, such as the , Center for Biological Studies, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Greenpeace, collaborate with EPA officials on all sorts of strategies like this — and, worst of all, the taxpayers end up footing the bill.

The intent behind this lawsuit is ultimately to force what environmentalists think is the right environmental policy to address ocean acidification but is really geared to destroy not only the fossil fuel industry, but American commerce in general. The result being lost jobs, lost wages and a reduced quality of life. But that, in the green’s minds is ultimately part of their sinister strategy to slowly and surely destroy civilized countries, like the United States, from within.