Environmentalists reel against Miami Beach spraying for Zika mosquitoes

Friday morning Miami Beach started spraying with the Naled insecticide in order to eradicate mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus. According to NBC News, spraying was delayed due to concerns raised by local residents who also protested outside City Hall.

Early morning spraying was done so harmful effects of spraying to beneficial insects, like bees, would be minimized. Miami Beach officials have assured residents that insecticide levels will not be harmful to humans (which is scientifically correct). However, this action was also necessary because a batch of Zika infested mosquitoes had been identified.

Despite the Zika virus being able to cause significant harm to people and unborn children, environmentalists still demand that the spraying be stopped. In an online petition an environmentalist group opposed to using Naled states (in part):

Given the mounting evidence disproving a direct link between Zika and microcephaly, it’s time to stop the unnecessary aerial spraying of Naled.

It is exactly the opposite and children born to Zika infected mothers can suffer from serious birth defects such as brain damage. This latest effort by environmentalists is unique. Not only do they attack the human food supply by lying about foods altered by genetic modification and our healthcare by lying about vaccines, now environmentalists want to eradicate humans by attacking them in the womb by lying about pesticides that can kill bugs carrying life-threatening illnesses which affect unborn children. It really isn’t paranoia when environmentalists really do want to kill you.