Environmentalists upset at cruise ship voyage in Arctic

The Crystal Serenity’s navigating off of Alaska’s western coast is significant. According to the Associated Press (AP), it is the largest cruise ship to navigate the arctic sea waters and brought enabled its 900 passengers the ability to experience Nome’s summer celebration of being able to see animals such as musk oxen and polar bears, drink and eat at local bars and witness Alaskan Native dancers.

The Northwest Passage had long been inaccessible due to the area’s massive ice formations. As the AP points out, thanks to its melting (allegedly due to climate change) cruise ships can go up the Bering Strait, across the Arctic Ocean to Greenland and then down to dock in New York City. Thanks to this phenomenon and tickets at $20,000 a person, passengers are able to tread in places where few have but despite the economic benefits to Nome businesses, environmentalists react in horror.

Professor of the political science department at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver Michael Byers told the Associated Press, And yet, by actually taking advantage of climate change, it’s contributing to the problem because the ship has a very large carbon footprint of its own.

There isn’t a single human activity people are involved in that does not contribute to climate change and, according to environmentalists, we are all guilty for it. According to the greens, we should be ashamed for our existence including the things we enjoy like travel. It is the typical mean greenie condemn people who want to enjoy new experiences by traveling to distant places. It’s obvious the goal of environmentalism is to take the fun out of life and make living on Earth an absolute bore or a living hell and what people like Michael Byers says is a prime indication of it.