Animal “rights” activists decry animal cruelty prevention

Animal rights activists from the group Peace for Paws protested at the Franklin County, Ohio administration building demanding the county’s shelter halt euthanizing canines. According to NBC affiliate WCMH out of Columbus, the group is upset over 52 to 60 dogs being euthanized.

It sounds like a large number and could be the result of foul play, right? Not exactly. It just so happens, as Franklin County animal shelter officials explain, the sad demise of the dogs is the result of an outbreak of respiratory disease called canine distemper.

Shelter personnel state told WCMH that many considerations are taken into account before the decision is made to euthanize a dog. The canine’s health history and condition, along with its ability to resist the disease and if it can survive four to six weeks in seclusion.

Shelter employees are not happy with the decision to euthanize. But, if they are kept alive, according to one veterinarian website, dogs and other canine animals (ex: ferrets, wolves, raccoons) that contract distemper could be susceptible to other diseases. The condition itself, according to PetMD, is a contagious and serious viral illness with no known cure.

It is obvious activists with groups like Peace for Paws would prefer animal to catch nasty diseases, badly suffer and potentially die painful deaths. Organizations like Peace for Paws aren’t about the humane treatment of animals at all. If they were, they would endorse what the people at the Franklin County animal shelter are doing. Euthanizing dogs that are infected with canine distemper is the most humane, ethical option since the alternative is insurmountable suffering. As an animal owner, how would you feel if your beloved dog contracted distemper and the veterinarians could not euthanize him or her out of fear resulting from pressure from animal rights groups that harass and intimidate them?

This isn’t just a sick, demented, and twisted ethic but Peace for Paws and other organizations like them don’t want animals to be euthanized because of the potential to discourage humans to own domesticated canines. During May of 2013, a fascinating study was published showing how canines and humans helped each other evolve. By removing domesticated animals from the picture, in animal rights group’s deranged minds, it will result in humans becoming savages. This is in line with the ethics of the animal kingdom and the basis of animal rights organizations and activists.