Pipeline company sues green groups for eco-terrorism

Dallas News reports Energy Transfer Partners of Dallas, Texas has filed a lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco against Greenpeace, EarthFirst!, other environmentalist groups and the environmentalist fundraising group BankTrack accusing them of inciting terrorist and sabotage activities in order to help them raise money for their causes while hindering the company’s ability to accumulate capital in order to fund projects.

The company follows Resolute Forest Products who filed a racketeering lawsuit against Greenpeace last year in accusing Greenpeace and its allies of engaging in racketeering that is not within the bounds of environmental advocacy. Energy Transfer Partners states in its brief that Greenpeace lead a corrupt effort to cynically planted radical, violent eco-terrorists on the ground [among] the protesters, and directly funded their operations and publicly urged their supporters to do the same.

Energy Transfer is seeking unspecified monetary compensation for the damage done which, if successful, would triple the amounts rewarded if the company wins the court case under US racketeering statutes. The company also demands in its suit that a court order be issued prohibiting the named green organizations from further campaigns along with a requirement for the groups to return money to donors.

Hopefully both companies will prevail. If not, hopefully it not only gets Greenpeace and their allies to back off and is a lesson for other companies Greenpeace harasses that they can fight back and win. Resolute and Energy Transfer are providing services for the markets they serve that ultimately better our lives. Yet Greenpeace prefers both companies be sacrificed to the needs of nature.

The attempt by Greenpeace to raise money by lying is only to enable environmentalists to for companies to do their bidding with the end goal of forcing them out of business. Fortunately, another company is joining the fight. Hang in there, you two!