Donald Trump charity contributed to anti-vaccine campaign

Despite having endorsed his campaign it does not mean that Donald Trump will not be subject scrutiny by the author and criticism if Mr. Trump is wrong. The Daily Beast recently revealed that in 2010 the Trump Foundation gifted a group headed by anti-vaccine activist Jenny McCarthy named Generation Rescue $10,000.

This is disturbing since not only has the charge that link to vaccines and autism been debunked numerous times but, as The Daily Beast article points out, Trump has tweeted on social media claiming a link between vaccines and autism as early as 2014.

Fortunately, he seems to have come around and has expressed support for immunizations but wants to spread out the amount that are given to newborn babies. This despite the fact that the Centers for Disease Control vaccine schedule upon which the vaccination policies of many health providers is based is safe.

Mr. Trump’s prior support for Ms. McCarthy’s cause and his recent stance on seeking to spread out the amount of vaccines administered to children is misguided. However, his coming around on the issue is a good thing and, hopefully, he will not pursue changing the CDC vaccination schedule.

Donald Trump’s contribution to Ms. McCarthy’s work and his ridiculous remarks on vaccines are far less dangerous than Hillary Clinton’s. Hilary Clinton is not only on the side of the green movement and has the track record to prove it, she is also committed to destroying the US energy sector. Even she had doubts about vaccines at one point too.

I am confident that Donald Trump will come around on the issue of vaccines and immunizations. Not only because the science is abundantly clear that vaccinations are safe and help prevent the spread of deadly illness, but it would be politically necessary. The anti-vaccine movement is an outgrowth of the environmentalist movement as articulated by Emory University historian Elena Conis in an interview for a Los Angeles Times article last year.

There are also numerous interactions and overlap between green and anti-vaccine groups that make it clear that anti-vaccine groups are environmentalist efforts. The efforts of anti-vaccine activists are an extension of the green movement’s holy war (i.e. jihad) to eradicate human life. While he is a damned sight better than Hillary Clinton, one wonders how Donald Trump (who is a Republican) would feel if he found out he was giving credence to an environmentalist/Leftist-backed effort.