PETA compares rape victims to animals

Early last month People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA) released an appalling new advertisement that looks like rape victims sharing their harrowing experiences being sexually assaulted.

Toward the end of the video, however, there is a surprising twist. The saddened women aren’t referring to sexual assault but animal breeding. The women in the video go on to decry the experience billions of animals go through in meat, dairy and egg production facilities in which they allege forced artificial insemination is equivalent to rape.

This isn’t the first time PETA has released controversial advertisements. The group has conducted activist actions such as their members dressing up in Ku Klux Klan uniforms equating dog breeding with racism, equating animal cruelty with violence against women and equating animal cruelty with the Holocaust.

For PETA or any animal rights organization to try to equivocate sexual assault and other atrocities or cruelties directed against anyone based on their sex or race to animal breeding is not just tasteless and wrong it is also racist as well. The advertisement in question is below for your review if you can stomach it.