Milo North Dakota event canceled due to violent pipeline protester threats

A December 16th speaking event for author Milo Yiannopoulos to take place at the University of North Dakota has been cancelled resulting from threats from protesters of the North Dakota Access Pipeline. According to Breitbart, a spokesman for the university’s Republican club states the engagement was sacked citing safety reasons. Yiannopoulos issued a statement on his Facebook page stating (in part):

Normally I have no problem being shot in the face by masked assailants but in this case we couldn’t risk student safety. I might have to go visit these ridiculous troublemakers at the pipeline itself. Anyone know where I can buy a water cannon?

To the political Left (which is really a totalitarian movement), the only truth is what helps their narrative and the causes they champion. In order to achieve the kind of results they want, they will intimidate and attempt to suppress dissent or criticism using whatever means at their disposal since it is all for the greater good. The tactics used to stop the Left’s opposition could be either rhetorical such as terms like hate speech, racist, bigot or climate denier. They will also resort to physical or even political intimidation. Basically, a person’s rights end where a Leftist’s feelings begin.

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