Anti-vaxxers blamed for Texas mumps outbreak

An editorial in Texas’ Star-Telegram lays blame for a recent mumps outbreak at the feet of anti-vaccine groups. As the Editorial points out, a vaccine for mumps along with measles and rubella has been available since the 1960’s. But because of doubts about vaccine effectiveness and the belief that vaccines can cause autism in kids, over four hundred vaccination exemption requests have been filed in Johnson County.

Almost 30 school children in Johnson County have mumps and the number is expected to grow. The outbreak has been attributed to students from Johnson County visiting relatives in Arkansas in an area where a mumps outbreak has taken place.

The majority of mump cases are in Cleburne and Keene school districts and school officials there are working to halt the epidemic by identifying students who came in contact with others who were infected. State Health officials state that unvaccinated students will have to be immunized or stay home for almost thirty days.

The Star-Telegram states that diseases like mumps were almost non-existent until the anti-vaccine movement came about. Anti-vaccine groups have had an impact in the state, so blame laid at their feet by the news outlet is not only is correct but warranted.

Austin’s CBS affiliate, KEYE, recently reported that Travis County has the highest number of families in the state who have opted-out of vaccinating their children. For people not to vaccinate, their doing so reduces the herd or pool of people who can help fight the disease and makes others (including people who are vaccinated) vulnerable to infection.

The evil intent of anti-vaccine groups isn’t to help people live and survive diseases normally treated with immunization but to ensure they and everyone else suffers. Anti-vaccination organizations are environmentalist front groups and, not surprisingly, it makes sense that greens are involved since their ultimate aim is to make life on Earth for humans a living hell while environmentalists seek to eradicate human life itself.