Rockefeller Family Fund admits collaborating with Democrat AG’s on Exxon

A stark admission from a prestigious charitable organization. The Daily Caller reveals that two directors of a Rockefeller family foundation admitted in an essay published in Wednesday’s edition of New York Review of Books to ordering many Attorneys General to single out Exxon Mobil for allegedly keeping years of climate studies secret. In other words, the AG’s were directed by Rockefeller Family Fund heads David Kaiser and Lee Wasserman to go after the oil company for hiding data that correlated fossil fuel use as directly affecting climate change.

Kaiser and Wasserman decided the only way to prove Exxon Mobil was guilty of knowing that fossil fuel use affected the Earth’s climate was to have New York’s Democrat Attorney General Eric Schneiderman conduct an investigation. The two executives told Schneiderman he could use a little used law known as the Martin Act to take Exxon Mobil down. The law states that a company can be held legally liable if they knowingly withheld information investors would need in order to make an educated decision to buy or sell shares.

In an earlier version, the two executives admitted the Rockefeller family admitted that the Rockefeller family wanted Exxon Mobil taken out because of its alleged climate change skepticism. RFF even went so far as to hire a team of graduates from Columbia University’ Graduate School of Journalism to, essentially, dig up dirt on the oil company.

Fortunately, the legal case against Exxon seems to be going nowhere. One legal expert The Daily Caller interviewed said he did not think Exxon would be charged or found liable under the Martin Act.

The Rockefeller Family Fund is notorious for lavishing millions of dollars on numerous Left wing causes such as environmentalist organizations like Earth Day Network, Earthjustice and the Union of Concerned Scientists. Like George Soros, the Rockefellers are literally conducting a war by throwing money at and even colluding with a variety of groups dedicated to Western Civilization’s destruction. Up until recently, the RFF had no problem donating the money it earned by investing in fossil fuels.

This admission by the two executives refutes the claim that Exxon was never singled out. The environmentalist movement’s claims of scientists skeptical of man made global warming as being whores for oil companies ring shallow. Green groups combined budgets dwarf the expenditures of any oil or gas company that fund groups like the Cato, Competitive Enterprise, or Heartland Institutes that are skeptical of human induced climate change.