Animal “rights” groups decry USDA record purge

Animal rights groups are up in arms with a recent decision by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to remove thousands of documents from the agency’s website. The Hill states the website section in question has documents published detailing violations of facilities subject to the USDA’s jurisdiction as outlined under the Animal Welfare Act that include facilities that use animals in medical testing.

Animal rights groups are notorious for using USDA records in question to harass and intimidate medical research facilities that use animals for their research. A couple of years ago, Science Insider revealed the Beagle Freedom Project (BFP)was using Freedom of Information Act requests in order to harass medical laboratories like the one at Ohio State University.

BFP accused the laboratory at Ohio State University violated National Institute of Health policies by allegedly purchasing beagles from dealers who sold abused or stolen animals. In 2013, NIH required researchers financed by the agency could not purchase random source dogs after October 1, 2015 and animal research using beagles subsidized after 2015 was no longer allowed. BFP tried to argue the OSU lab had violated USDA mandates by continuing to use a random source dog past the time allowed to do so which lab spokesperson denied.

The BFP acquires the dogs to give them up for adoption and even if their complain is baseless or incorrect, they will continue to be relentless in their harassment of OSU and other medical laboratories. The group;s efforts are only geared to smear or slander facilities involved in vivisection. There are alternatives to animal testing but they are not as effective or sophisticated enough to replace research using animals.

I do not encourage or condone animal cruelty, but this effort on the part of the so-called Beagle Freedom Project is about denying humans life saving treatments and therapies resulting from medical research. In the case of the anti-human organizations upset about the USDA’s decision to no longer publish records, like the Beagle Freedom Project’s efforts, public records are used by animal rights groups to harass medical laboratories and staff that work in them that utilize vivisection. Their claims about freedom is to liberate animals from the clutches of evil humans in order to kill people of due to the group and animal rights movement’s hatred of human life.<