The Cloud Mystery

I posted this movie a few years ago and thought it was worth another look. The Cloud Mystery is a fifty two minute documentary that explains Dr. Henrik Svenmark’s groundbreaking scientific hypothesis and demonstrates the resistance to his conclusions among the scientific community. The hesitation among many climate scientists is due to the influence of the science of man made global warming.

Dr. Svenmark’s theory posits at the point when solar activity is greater, fewer cosmic rays hit the Earth, which brings about less clouds and a warmer planet. For reasons unknown the magnetic field leaving the sun has dramatically multiplied in the previous hundred years.

A related hypothesis holds that, if Svenmark is correct, astronomical beams not created by the sun yet rather from different parts of the universe will likewise have an impact on earth’s atmosphere. Once more, the examination demonstrates that when the Earth goes through a spiral arm of the Milky Way, more vast beams bombard the earth and temperatures drop. When the Earth is outside a spiral arm there are less universe sized beams and the earth warms.