New movie reveals the Left’s dirty little secret

I had two stories picked out to comment about today. First, I would have slammed the Western Environmental Law Center’s victory in an Oregon court that has put the brakes on logging in the Umpqua National Forest.

Then I would have berated environmentalists for their scolding General Mills for the company’s efforts to revive the bee population and why the campaign to Save the Bees is nonsense.

In light of the tragic terror attack that occurred in London, England today, I think it is necessary to dedicate another post to criticizing the Left. Like I have pointed out before, the Left is an anti-Enlightenment, totalitarian movement whose founding father was Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The fullest expression of the Left’s philosophy is Karl Marx in which France’s Reign of Terror and the death and destruction under Communism is the trade off the Left makes in order to achieve the utopia they seek to achieve. The environmentalist movement and its embracing Islam is also an extension of the Left’s campaign to reign terror on mankind as well.

I have just learned of a movie named The Hidden Rebellion that was released late last year that reveals a little known bloodbath that, most likely, inspired the terror, violence and death when Communism dominated almost half the world for most of the twentieth century. France’s Reign of Terror was the result of Jacobin radicals seizing power in 1793 resulting from the dissolution of the French Republic. The dictatorial Committee on Public Safety was formed and was pitched as a means to bring order to France that was experiencing domestic strife.

A year prior, the Jacobins had been laying the groundwork for their power grab with their establishing the Paris Commune. Within months of the Committee’s founding the slaughter began. Aristocrats, clergy, political opponents and anyone deemed a threat to the public order was either jailed or executed depending on their offense. The state would also attempt to exterminate people deemed impure too (Hitler would be so proud):

Like most Europeans at the time, Vendéans were largely uneducated and relatively apolitical, but when the ‘Republican’ (read ‘revolutionary’) government of France began to engage in acts of violence against their local clergy and to conscript men from this peaceful community into its ideological wars, the community began to rise up in defense of localism and liberty. In response, Paris labeled Vendéans to be an “impure race” and “slaves” and gave military commanders a mandate to exterminate them. Not just peasant soldiers, or even young men, but all Vendéans, including women, the elderly, and children. In all, they managed to exterminate 200,000 out of an estimated population of 600,000… a higher proportion than Pol Pot’s Cambodian Genocide.

The Hidden Rebellion documents the genocidal nature of this mass extermination with reference to numerous primary source documents which explicitly reveal the attempt to liquidate an entire people, their culture and their ethnicity. Acts of gratuitous cruelty, such as stripping priests and nuns naked, tying them together and throwing them into the Loire river are described and (delicately) reenacted. Such act was called “Civic Wedding.”

The reason why the French Revolution failed was that their definition of individual rights was expressed and interpreted in collectivist terms. The French and most of Europe have little sense of what individualism is and (to this day) individualism is a concept that is not entirely embraced by Europe. This explains why Communism and Nazism were founded and practiced there. It also partially explains why Europe has been so accommodating to Islamics, political correctness has taken hold on the continent and hatred of Jews has made a comeback.

It is said that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Unfortunately, this is ringing true and until and unless Europe regains its sense of self, sadly, more terrorist attacks not only will occur but the Left’s moral relativism and extreme skepticism will maintain its grip on the continent’s political and educational systems. If things do not change soon, Europe may not only be Islamized but experience violence and death on a scale that will dwarf the horrors seen when Eastern Europe was under Communism’s grip.

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