Environmentalists: Islamic terrorism good for the environment

If there was any blatant endorsement by a mainstream media outlet of the environmentalist movement’s true agenda, it is this. Back in August of 2015, BBC published a harrowing article that quotes two researchers making the case that Islamic terrorism is a method to reduce carbon emissions. Now it is easier to understand why the Left is so enthusiastic about encoruaging so many Muslim immigrants into Europe and wants to allow more into the United States. It isn’t just for more votes but to kill people off in order to save the planet.

Political disturbance and armed conflict in the Middle East since 2010 have had the unintended consequence of making the air cleaner.

Researchers say that in countries like Syria and Iraq, levels of air pollutants have fallen dramatically.

The amount of nitrogen dioxide in the air over Damascus has fallen by up to 50% since start of the civil war.

The authors believe their work has important lessons for projections of global emissions.

Next step, start civil wars in America and Europe to reduce nitrogen dioxide levels.

In countries like Syria, where millions of people have attempted to flee the fighting since 2011, levels of nitrogen dioxide plummeted over Damascus and Aleppo.

But in nearby Lebanon, there was a “drastic” rise of up to 30% of the same pollutant, thanks to the influx of refugees. The scientists say that this was very unusual as economic growth in Lebanon declined significantly at the same time.

“It’s quite remarkable,” lead author Dr Jos Lelieveld from the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry told BBC News.

Oh but wait theres more.

But in Iraq, the rise of so-called Islamic State can also be clearly seen in the air quality data.

“In Karbala, to the south of Baghdad, a mostly Shiite area, the increase in pollutants continues,” said Dr Lelieveld.

“But if you look to the area northwest of Baghdad, where Islamic State is in charge, there you see that things are going in another direction.”

So I guess this means at some point ISIS will be a finalist for a high profile environmentalist prize for their successful efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Does this mean Hitler will also be recognized by environmentalists for his efforts to reduce carbon emissions when he killed six million Jews? How about Josef Stalin, Pol Pot or Mao Zedong? Will they be recognized at some point for the death tolls their campaigns resulted in? Will either of these two scientists enlist to go to Iraq or Syria in order to lead by example?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

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  1. The radical left hates capitalism, and if you destroy capitalism, you reduce C02 emissions. I think it is important to clarify that the BBC article didn’t endorse terrorism as a method to reduce C02 emissions. It just made the observation that where there is war and destruction, there is improved air quality. But why is the government even funding such a study? What a waste of money.

    If you are interested, I wrote a short post (350 words) called “How the Palestinian Authority Encourages Terrorism.” I am open to any feedback:

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