James Delingpole: Environmentalists are loathsome and evil

In a post to thrash Earth Hour, UK Telegraph columnist James Delingpole took the time to say what he really thought of environmentalists in an op-ed for Breitbart. He not only called out environmentalists for their downright evil practices but also dedicated his column to praise the efforts of scientists, columnists, journalists, politicians and bloggers who have the nerve to stand up to the environmentalist political machine the Green Blob.

There many reasons why the alarmist establishment – the Climate Industrial Complex as Myron Ebell calls it – is so totally loathsomely evil. If I had to list them all this would be longer than War & Peace.

One is that they’re such hypocrites: if you really cared about the environment in the way these fascistic loons claim they do, then you’d be vigorously opposing renewable energy (such as the bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes defacing our landscape and slicing and dicing our avian fauna) and instead going all out for fossil fuels.

Delingpole goes on to say:

You’d think the Greenies would get this fairly basic scientific point – given how much they’re always banging on about “the science” – but they never do because, as I argued in my book Watermelons, their commitment to environmentalism owes much more to quasi-religious ideology, to straightforward greed and to anti-free-market control-freakery than it does to a genuine love of nature.

Then there’s the hatred. Pretty much everyone speaking at the Heartland Institute will have suffered personally for speaking out against the Great Global Warming Scare. Willie Soon‘s travails are typical. It’s why only the brave – or the elderly, who have nothing to lose – who speak out.

The same applies, of course, to all the other professions which dare to confront the climate “consensus”. I wrote in my book, for example, about how popular British TV presenters David Bellamy and Johnny Ball both effectively had their careers destroyed when they took the “wrong side” on global warming.

Journalists get it in the neck too, of course.

Delingpole then goes on to quote reader comments from a UK Guardian column responding to one Delingpole wrote pointing out that, despite claims to the contrary, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is not dying. Here are some examples of the hateful comments directed at Delingpole:<br /.

Fake news eh,Delingpole or whatever?Well come up to QLD central where I live and I will take you out in the boat to have a look.

Careful of the tiger sharks they have been pretty cranky lately.I think they are hungry.

Line ’em up and blow their fucking peanut brains out of their heads, they don’t use them anyway. Why are we allowing this sub moronic scum to promote this flat earth bullshit because it’ll get us all killed, and quite possibly within ten years?

To the political Left, the only truth is what helps their narrative and the causes they champion. In order to achieve the kind of results they want, they will intimidate and attempt to suppress dissent or criticism using whatever means at their disposal since it is all ultimately for the greater good. As far as the Left is concerned, a person’s rights end where a Leftist’s feelings begin.