Ex-PETA employee states group regularly euthanizes animals

A shocking confession by an ex-employee of People for the Extortion Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA). Quoting an affadavit obtained by the Center for Consumer Freedom, The Daily Caller reveals that a woman employed by the group for fifteen years has blown the whistle on her former employer.

The ex-employee accuses her supervisors of instructing her to convince low income people to relinquish their puppies and kittens promising to have them adopted only later to have the animals euthanized. The statement was made by Heather Harper-Troje who is a blogger and married to a US diplomat who resides in the American embassy in Honduras..

Mrs. Harper-Troje has previously stated she would be willing to testify under oath though her experiences occurred fifteen years ago. This is long after the expiration of the statute of limitations and until her statements are verified they are considered allegations.

However, this news could not have come at a worse time for the group. Since late 2014 PETA has been embroiled in a controversy when two of the organization’s employees were caught on camera allegedly stealing a Virginia man’s dog that was later euthanized.

According to The Huffington Post that covered her whistle-blowing three years ago, Heather Harper-Troje was no mediocre employee:

[S]he spent a lot of time in poor neighborhoods, “getting to know people, educating them on the benefits of spaying and neutering, vaccinating, proper nutrition, and the importance of socialization for dogs.”

And she was not considered an inferior employee, by any means: “My first performance review earned me a raise and accolades from Ingrid Newkirk, the president of PETA and my direct supervisor.” But she had what is apparently considered by PETA to be a serious moral flaw: She wanted to keep rescued animals alive.

Statistics obtained by The Daily Caller show an increase in PETA euthanizing pets since 1998 in its Norfolk, Virginia shelter. All animal shelters in Virginia are required by law to provide records to the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS). Even PETA’s website discloses the group kills dogs and cats because doing so helps them escape an uncaring world without trauma or pain.

PETA does all of this because, like typical Leftists, they believe what they are doing is right and lying is justified if it furthers their cause. The group’s lies, cheating and outright nihilism demonstrates their activists will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. The basis of animal rights is nothing more than a thorough hatred of man, and groups, like PETA, ultimately prefer the savagery of the animal kingdom over the civilization of man.

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  1. PETA is not a traditional animal shelter. They operate one small shelter—a shelter of last resort for animals who need euthanasia to end their suffering (many of whom have been rejected by “no-kill” shelters), including dogs who are aggressive and unadoptable because they have been kept chained their entire lives; feral cats dying of contagious diseases; animals who are wracked with cancer; elderly animals who have no quality of life and whose desperate guardians brought them to PETA because they can’t afford to pay a vet to euthanize them; and the list goes on. A painless end is a kindness for these animals, and the services PETA provides are vitally needed in an area where many people can’t afford to take their animals to a veterinarian.


    1. Thank you for your response. However, it does not detract form the fact that PETA knowingly lies to people in order to convince them their animals will be adopted and that also applies to people who drop their animals off. If PETA values the lives of animals so much then they should not euthanize the ones who are healthy and can be adopted. It’s one thing to euthanize animals who are seriously ill, another to assure people their animals will be adopted in good homes and then kill them. If PETA practiced what it preached it would not kill healthy animals and let them live rather than die.

      The fact is PETA and other animal “rights” groups hate the idea of domesticated animals being owned by humans because they consider it slavery (it is not) in which the animal is then tainted and must be killed.


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