More Al Gore Bore. SNORE!

Ladies and gentlemen, Al Gore is making a sequel to his movie An Inconvenient Truth in hopes of boring his entire audience while giving himself another opportunity to promote himself and make more money …. again! You can expect that An Inconvenient Sequel will be full of lies, half-truths, exaggerations and much of the same kind of nonsense geared to browbeat people for the comfortable lifestyles we lead (except Al Gore of course) that was in his first flick.

Not only was Gore’s film a necessity for Hollywood politico advocates and green scaremongers, it made Al millions of dollars. This proves that fear and panic can be very profitable for good ol’ Al. And he wants to sucker people one more time.

Gore knows environmental hysteria sells so we can expect another dose of his end is nigh nonsense. It does cost quite a bit of money to heat his mansion and he has to pay the light bill somehow. Gore made too much money and garnered too much fame the first time to pass up this opportunity. Especially since a Republican now occupies the White House. I suppose it doesn’t matter that even he benefits from fossil fuels.

Al Gore says that everyone should do their part to save the Earth. While every little sacrifice helps, it still won’t be enough. In his mind, big action — the sort of action that only government can implement is the only solution. Changing lifestyles isn’t enough. Only state control can make things right. I believe that while it’s important to change light bulbs, it’s far more important to change laws. He also said that only more laws will ultimately solve this problem.

Gore knows the general public doesn’t take his fear mongering seriously. To him people aren’t concerned about climate change because they think, ‘It it’s never happened before maybe it won’t every happen in the future. That’s a rule that can work but the exceptions can kill you. And global warming is one of the exceptions.

But notice that Gore is saying that the Earth hasn’t experienced climate change. It has. Numerous times. In fact, the Earth has experienced almost constant climate change. The planet has warmed and cooled constantly and our present period of global warming began at the end of the Little Ice Age. Al Gore is trying to make it out as if this has NEVER happened before.

Gore hasn’t given up his hysterical comments either. Note that he said there are exceptions [which] can kill you. And global warming is one of them. Gore’s message is that global warming will kill you and its because of your massive carbon footprint. He hopes to make a bit more money while telling you the end of the world is around the corner unless you give up your lifestyle now. Meanwhile, Al laughs all the way to the bank.