EPA proposes deep cuts to agency staff and programs

The Washington Post states that the Environmental Protection Agency has released a detailed proposal to slash 25 percent of its staff, and cut almost 60 programs that include pesticide safety, controlling water runoff and environmental coordination with Canada and Mexico as part of the NAFTA treaty.

The plan was ordered by President Trump’s Office of Management (OMB) and will help truly reduce the size and scope of the agency. Earlier drafts were much lighter in terms of the agency’s staff and program reductions, but, in total, the EPA’s budget will be reduced by a total of 43 percent. Congress has said it will join in to help restructure the EPA as well. This consistent with the Administration’s plan to reduce the size and scope of government while send responsibility of federal functions (like environmental protection) back to the states. The EPA’s acting chief financial officer David A. Bloom is quoted as saying, the EPA would be responsible for its core legal requirements.

Under the Obama Administration collusion between EPA and environmentalists occurred all the time. It is abundantly clear based on the vast amount of instances posted on this website related to such issues as global warming and pesticide regulations. At one point, for example, the EPA shared its computer data files with green groups; the agency conspires in a sue and settle context to have those same groups initiate lawsuits against the agency itself in order to give it an excuse to mandate the regulations it wants but couldn’t due to a lack of Congressional action. Organizations, like the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Greenpeace, collaborated with EPA officials on all sorts of strategies like this — and, worst of all, the taxpayers ended up footing the bill.

Aside from the proposed cuts being great news and a welcome change, it will end the collusion with EPA bureaucrats and green groups. Hopefully, this also means the concerns expressed by James Dellingpole about the potential new direction at the EPA under Director Scott Pruitt maybe unfounded. Time will tell if Pruitt will oversee and fully implement the EPA’s proposal to the OMB or delay or halt implementation altogether.