UK meat plant employees attacked by violent protesters

Not only are animal rights activists harassing UK pubs that sell foie gras they are also harassing and even attacking employees at meat processing plants.

According to Sky News quoting the British Meat Processors Association, there have been a number of meat processing plant and even restaurant employees harassed and even assaulted by animal rights protesters, including even trespassing.

For example, some members of the SAVE movement are accused of blocking a shipment of chickens to a slaughterhouse during November 2016. Despite most activists being peaceful, some protesters allegedly hurled insults at plant employees despite SAVE’s requirement that its participants from engaging in such behavior.

Tne BMPA is concerned with the November 2016 incident and many others in which they fear not only some activists not complying with SAVE’s requirement that protesters to remain calm and not become agitated or violent. If, as the BMPA alleges, that some meat plant employees have been the subject of attacks or harassment is cause for concern since, like the group states, it is only a matter of time before it could get worse. While I have not been able to independently verify the BMPA’s accusations, attacks on slaughterhouse employees is a distinct possibility. For example, employees and scientists who work at labs that conduct medical tests using animals in their research have been the target of violent attacks and harassment.

Notice the religious fervor that these extremists conduct themselves. The callous, unrelenting manner and extent to which they wish to see slaughter houses that (admittedly) kill animals for humans to consume. If Greenpeace isn’t seeking to shut down oil extraction efforts or restrict the practice while sanctioning attacks on labs that experiment on bio-tech foods for people to eat, groups like PETA attack our ability to consume meat.

Rather than seeing man prosper and live, like any environmentalist group, animal rights organizations prefer mankind to be eradicated from the face of the Earth. The best way to do that is to attack the human food supply not only seeking to shut down meat processing plants but now employees are being targeted. Doing this results in restricting the food supply which, in turn, results in starvations and deaths of humans.