Environmentalist: Trump’s wall would hurt wild jaguars

Environmentalists are speaking up in opposition to President Trump’s proposed border wall. One alleges it would threaten the migration patterns of jaguars that travel between the U.S. and Mexico.

A column written by Executive Director of the Southeast Arizona Area Health Education Center Gail Limerick and published at The Daily Beast back in January alleges that building the wall would interfere with the jaguar’s habitat:

Jaguars in northern Mexico need to be protected so that the jaguar population can re-enter Arizona and be re-established in the U.S. And travel corridors need to be protected so that El Jefe, and future jaguars, can move, reproduce, and flourish again.

Limerick also claims: Trump’s wall not only hurts people and economies but also wildlife and our last remaining wild jaguars.

A Washington Post story Limerick cites published December of last year reveals that jaguars have been seen sighted at Arizona’s Santa Rita Mountains. It is the first time in six years that the animal has been sighted.

No doubt, however, that environmentalist attorneys are licking their chops, waiting to file lawsuits against the President’s border wall. They will not only allege a lack of or questionable environmental impact studies to justify it, but also a 2014 designation of Arizona’s Pima, Santa Cruz, and Cochise counties, and Hidalgo County in New Mexico as critical habitat for the jaguar by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

What will most likely be left out or ignored is Arizona’s Game and Fish Department push back against the Wildlife Service’s designation stating it was unnecessary. Game and Fish stated the areas designated by the Fish and Wildlife Service is very different than the wetlands of Central and South America where jaguars hail from.

What Limerick alleges is ultimately a smoke screen to distract from the core issue behind the border wall. The only harm she wants to come is inflicted on people. What Limerick really wants is innocent human beings to be subjected to the crime and violence going on at the U.S. – Mexico border in order to have jaguars sighted in the area left alone.

By default, Gail Limerick’s jaguar advocacy and environmentalist group opposition benefits illegal immigrant and drug smugglers, along with terrorist groups, like Hezbollah, located in Mexico too. The safety and security of the United States be damned. The op-ed also demonstrates one other way environmentalists express their nihilistic, vicious hostility to mankind by siding with violent criminals all in an effort to rid the Earth of human beings.

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