UK author: Green initiatives are a disaster

British author Christopher Booker decided to weigh in on the so-called green initiatives and his conclusion is not pretty. His remarks come at a time when British citizens are going to pay more in taxes if they own diesel engines.

In a column for the UK Daily Mail, Booker states that its not just taxes that are at issue, but the whole idea of restricting people’s freedoms in order to combat climate change. The UK government’s embracing the Green Glob is the brain child of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s chief scientific adviser, Sir David King.

It got even worse, Booker says, nine years ago when parliament passed then Labour minister Ed Miliband’s Climate Change Act. The new law made it official British government policy to curb carbon emissions 80 percent in forty years. Since then the initiatives undertaken to meet the law’s requirements have been an unmitigated disaster. Not only failing to achieve the desired results but also costing British citizens billions of pounds a year.

One example Booker points to is:

Consider the scandal of Drax in Yorkshire, until recently the largest, cleanest, most efficient coal-fired power station in Europe.

Now, thanks to an annual half-a-billion pounds of public subsidy, Drax has been switching from burning coal to millions of tons a year of wood pellets.

Absurdly, these are shipped 3,500 miles to Britain from the U.S., where vast acreages of virgin forest are being felled, supposedly to be replaced with new trees that will eventually soak up all the CO2 emitted by burning them.

Unfortunately, a bright spark has just pointed out in a report for a respected think-tank that it could take a replacement tree hundreds of years to grow to maturity — which would be far too long to have any supposed effect on any climate change. (It should be noted that the former coalition energy minister Chris Huhne, having been released from prison for perverting the course of justice over speeding points, became the European chairman of a firm called Zilkha Biomass, which makes its money supplying wood pellets from North America to Europe.)

The bottom line is that a new report has just confirmed that, far from reducing its CO2 footprint, Drax is now emitting more than it did when it was only burning coal.

When it was discovered that, by 2020, we will have paid those businesses £1 billion — even to heat buildings left empty for years — this created such a scandal that it brought down the government.

That example made headlines, but the same is happening quietly in the rest of the country, too, where owners of large houses openly boast that they are running their boilers flat out, even in summer, to cash in on the racket which gives them a 60 per cent profit on every £1 they spend on wood chips.

Some of that wood is now coming from clearing priceless ancient woodlands, such as a National Trust estate in Cheshire which the charity plans to turn back into open heathland.

Another scandal created under the same scheme is the way canny developers are plonking down large industrial installations called ‘anaerobic digesters’ in the middle of the English countryside, to turn huge quantities of crops into small quantities of methane for the national gas grid.

Official figures show that, thanks to subsidies costing us more than £200 million a year, 131,000 acres of maize are now being grown to feed the anaerobic digesters, on land formerly used for food crops.

Separately, toxic spills of the ammonia that is used in the process have repeatedly poisoned livestock and fish in nearby fields and rivers.

Booker’s entire op-ed is a treasure trove of even more inept policies by Tory and Labor politicians like windmills in order to generate energy harnessing the wind including an array of subsidized projects and the high utility rates that go with them geared to curbing human-induced climate change. In closing Booker states:

When we consider that colossal sum, most of us may well conclude that our politicians must have gone completely off their heads.

Except that, alas, our MPs live in such a bubble of unreality that few will even have looked at those terrifying figures, let alone at what they are allowing our money to be spent on.

It was exactly a year ago that Theresa May’s joint chief of staff Nick Timothy described the Climate Change Act as ‘a monstrous act of national self-harm’. It is high time his boss realised just how chillingly right he was.

Environmentalists who propose green boondoggles like the ones outlined by Mr. Booker, intentionally avoid fact like what is pointed out in his essay. At their core they are anti-industry and anti-civilization. If we want abundant sources of energy at lower cost, the solution is not replacing fossil fuels but enhancing our access to them.

The disaster of Britain’s embracing green energy sources shows it is time to reject the hype climate alarmists and environmentalists make along with their call to restrict carbon-based energy use. The green chicken littles and politicians claiming the sky is falling because of human caused global warming are using studies that match the environmentalist narrative as an excuse to rob mankind of our ability to live affordably and comfortably.