UK pub owners still harassed, threatened for serving foie gras

The harassment and intimidation of The Bridge Inn at Calver is unending. The Derbyshire Times points out that activists with the group Nottingham Animal Rights took time during Easter Sunday to protest for three hours in front of David and Samantha McHattie’s business.

The UK Telegraph reported two weeks ago that pub owners David and Samantha McHattie have been the subject of a flood of one-star reviews by reviewers located in different parts of the world. The action comes after a customer gave a negative review of the establishment earlier in the month because foie gras is on the pub menu.

When it was revealed foie gras was being served, animal rights activists sprung into action not just with poor reviews online but also harassment and threats of intimidation of the McHatties and their customers. At one point, the pub owners were told that if they removed foie gras from their menu, the bad reviews would stop and be taken down.

However, the McHatties learned that similar harassment campaigns were conducted on pubs in two other cities in which the bad reviews were not removed from websites despite the pubs giving in. Sadly, despite the pub’s customers rallying to support The Bridge Inn at Calver, as indicated earlier, even patrons are still subjected to abusive messages and their social media accounts trolled. While stating they cannot control what other activists do, a condemnation of such activities by Nottingham Animal Rights is lacking. Thankfully, David McHattie is quoted as saying they had a busy day and the protest was peaceful.

Animal rights groups have a sick, demented, twisted code of ethics which is grounded in the hatred of humans and not for the care or concern for the lives of animals. It is this hatred that motivates activities like attempts to falsely accuse foie gras sellers and producers with animal cruelty, slander or vandalize animal testing labs, firebomb meat production facilities or fast food restaurants, publicly condemn people for eating meat in fast food restaurants, and even lie about the treatment of animals at dairy and cattle farms.