Craziest protest signs from the People’s #climatemarch

Watts Up With That?

Ah, the stupid, it burns like a magnesium flare.

Here’s a collection of some of the most zany, crazy and interesting signs, tweets, and photos from the “People’s Climate March” going on today. To understand what you are about to see, view their game plan first:

This post will be updated through the day.

Ok here we go…who says a college education isn’t worth anything today?

BTW this photo below looks to be in Dallas, on the “grassy knoll” in Dealy plaza…maybe they don’t realize the symbolism of standing there with this sign, maybe they do, and that’s their point. Either way – bizarre.


Polar bears and swamp things…RESIST!

I’m guessing bust…

Maura Healy, attorney general for Massachusetts part of #exxonknew

Sheldon Whitehouse – Mr. #exxonknew

Hmm, I see a visit from the secret service in her future.

I’m guessing this burned some eyballs…

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