PETA supports deaths of injured military personnel

Medics and corpsmen have a wide variety of options available to train in order to render care for combat situations. But as We Are the Mighty reveals an extremely controversial training program that, even though it has long drawn the ire of PETA, the reaining offers the best way for medics to prepare for when their skills are needed.

The program is mostly referred to as live tissue trauma training (LTTT), respectfully. It involves animals being given large amounts of anesthesia before an instructor inflicts injuries on them. There are intense situations where animals are either shot or burned, may have broken bones or puncture wounds. During the training, the medic has to save the animal’s life, but the instructor can still inflict damage on the patient which forces the student to prioritize injuries. When training is done, the animal is euthanized before it can regain consciousness.

While brutal from a civilian perspective, the program is said to have large amounts of support in the military. Surgeon Generals on down to Navy Seals and Special Forces operatives have sworn by the LTTT program’s effectiveness. The surgical live tissue training, however, two years ago was largely canceled resulting from PETA’s lobbying.

The Washington Post, points out the Coast Guard has suspended using the LTTT in which one member of Congress, Lucille Roybval-Allard (D-CA), has cited high-tech human simulators as the replacement. However, Allard and PETA ignore that computer simulations are not always be as effective as live training. For example, there are some medical laboratory tests that can be done without using animals but there are times when animals have to used.

Upon looking at the below video, it is understandable why the program is controversial but, ultimately, it is needed. If People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA) is successful and the practice of live tissue trauma training is completely ended, it can result in even more serious injuries or either deaths of US Armed Forces personnel due to the lack of education and experience resulting from training medics with the LTTT. Then again, that is PETA and Allard’s intention after all.

NOTE: This is essay contains elements of a previous essay authored about the same subject.