Rihanna takes swipe at PETA … again!

Rihanna is probably one of the best dressed ladies in the entertainment business, Fashion sense was on display last Thursday when she showed up wearing a lovely shoulder brown fur coat at the 2018 Dior Cruise Collection event in Calabasas, California.

People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA) was, to say the least, not happy. Rather than publicly scold her or send protesters to the event, the group issued an open letter asking her to donate her fur coats to Syrian refugees and homeless shelters.

At face value this sounds reasonable but it looks more like a way to get Rihanna to not wear fur since donating the fur coats diminishes here fur coat collection. On the other hand, the donations also enable the poor and Syrian refugees as an altruistic hand out.

If Rihanna decides to donate her clothes or other personal belongings it should be because she wants to and not at the urgings of groups like PETA. No matter what she does, PETA will still harass her and other celebrities who like to wear fur. It is looking like her continuing to wear fur is not only a choice of wardrobe but also a swipe at animal rights groups who condemn her wardrobe choices.

Regardless of her reasons, good for her and Rihanna looks great. The choice to wear fur should be one’s own and groups, like PETA, who condemn and seek to publicly berate people who wear fur clothing, ultimately are repulsed by the idea of beauty. As a species we have a right to use the Earth’s resources as we see fit. In this case it is to use animals so that people can enhance their lives with their fur. Restricting the right to use animals to enhance human life only restricts the rights of humans in the end.