Trailblazers: The New Zealand Story

This excellent film reveals the events that lead up to New Zealand being the economic powerhouse that it is. A small country that was one of the most prosperous in the Western world during the 1940’s and 50’s went to one of the most stagnant when it’s government started heavily intervening after losing favored trading status with the United Kingdom.

During the 1980’s a new government was elected that removed much of the economic controls put in place by Prime Minister Sir Robert Muldoon. The movie demonstrates how property rights protects the environment by farmers not over producing sheep and fishing which helps maintain sea life and animal populations.

New Zealand went from a near poor country with a public sector of the Soviet magnitude to one of the most free economies in the world. The country regularly ranks near the top in terms of economic freedom and it’s natural environment is cleaner along with abundant animal and sea life. Capitalist, not planned economies, that unleash and reward human achievement result in better qualities of life not just for humans but for natural environments too.