SeaWorld thumbs its nose at PETA

SeaWorld was down but it isn’t out. ABC News states entertainment park recently conducted a new show involving orcas debuted over the weekend in which it is being pitched as different than the prior program that resulted in the public relations nightmare SeaWorld experienced resulting from the movie, Blackfish.

The new performance is called Orca Encounter. It entails showing audiences facets of orca bevaviors such as how the whales communicate, hunt or even interact. Orca Encounters has received mixed reviews but has gotten praise from director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo Jack Hanna. On the other hand, Blackfish director Gabriela Cowperthwaite says despite the new show being an improvement, it still doesn’t go far enough.

The film director has the gall to complain about the orcas being kept in concrete tanks and would rather the whales be kept in seaside sanctuaries. This coming from the woman who directed a loaded film filled with lies who bent and twisted the intent of SeaWorld orca trainers and the theme park’s useage of the killer whales for entertainment.

SeaWorld deserves credit for giving orca whale performances another go and this is a clear swipe at PETA for their campaign of lies. There are any number of activities animal rights groups, like PETA, will campaign against because they are nothing more than a bunch of vicious, prudish thugs using animal welfare as an excuse to tell other people what kind of entertainment they can consume. The ethic of animal rights is to sacrifice mankind to the needs of animals who have no sense of morality or civilized behavior. Small wonder then groups like PETA exist to protect animal welfare since they are as savage as the creatures they exist to defend.