UK pub owners forced to remove foie gras from menu

The harassment and intimidation of The Bridge Inn at Calver has finally taken its toll. The Derbyshire Times states that after all of the harassment and intimidation from so-called animal rights activists over the past two or more months, pub owners David and Samantha McHattie removed foie gras from their restaurant’s menu. In a statement published by the Derbyshire paper, the McHattie’s state:

We cannot and will not put our principles before our guests experience at The Bridge so we have decided to remove it from the menu.

Peaceful protest is fine but these people know the law exactly how far they can push it.

While their actions have increased awareness and sales their behaviour just continues to reach new depths which is totally unacceptable to our guests.

Yesterday one regular guest arrived inside the pub visibly shaken after enduring a torrent of intimidating abuse by these so called animal welfare activists causing him to call the police.

Our family and team have been abused to their face and online often waking up to 80 or more disparaging comments on their Facebook pages.

Their actions are utterly deplorable.

Deplorable indeed! As has been revealed in previous posts, the controversy started when one of the pub’s customers gave the McHatties’ establishment a bad review online due to their serving foie gras. When animal rights activists found out, they didn’t just give the Bridge at Cadaver poor online reviews but also harassmed and threatened the McHatties and their customers. At one point, the pub owners were told that if they removed foie gras from their menu, the bad reviews would stop and be taken down.

However, the couple decided they wouldn’t after learning that similar harassment campaigns were conducted on pubs in two other cities in which the bad reviews were not removed from websites despite the pubs giving in. Sadly, despite the pub’s customers rallying to support the McHatties, as indicated earlier, even patrons were subjected to abusive messages and their social media accounts trolled. While stating they cannot control what other activists do, a condemnation of such activities by Nottingham Animal Rights who spearheaded the effort is still lacking.

Animal rights groups have a sick, demented, twisted mentality which is grounded, not for the care or concern for the lives of animals, but in the hatred of humans. The efforts of Nottingham Animal Rights nearly ruined the lives of a couple who wanted to provide a plate that was popular with the locals. Instead, animal rights activists decided to attack the ego of people who enjoy eating foie gras. It is their hatred that motivates activities like attempts to falsely accuse foie gras producers and sellers with animal cruelty.