Eco-Terrorists Protest Clearing Forest for Dam

Two years ago, Vice News did a news story revealing the environmentalist occupation of Forest of Sivens in the south of France. In this video, you see not only how insane the eco-terrorists act toward police but also that they have booby traps and Molotov cocktails to use as well.

Ultimately, the report is a way to propagandize for the environmentalists who are ardently against development, including and especially when it comes to dam construction. The report puts the green terrorists into an extremely positive light but they are nothing more than nihilistic terrorists. However, at one point even the reporter admits that black bloc activists have attacked police yet he considers the entire affair strange.

However, there is nothing strange about this. True believers in collectivism and self sacrifice can be prone to conduct acts of violence. That is what is shown in this video and was also demonstrated yesterday when a Bernie Sanders supporter shot and nearly killed Republican members of Congress while at baseball practice in Washington DC.