Environmentalists oppose President Trump’s swamp drain

One of the major issues President Donald Trump campaigned on was to root out corruption in Washington DC (i.e. drain the swamp). Part of that effort is to scale back bureaucracy by reforming federal agencies. This usually entails having to cut or reassign staff.

However, according to The Blaze environmentalists (not surprisingly) are completely against what the President is trying to do. This month the President’s head of the Interior Department, Ryan Zinke, announced he was reassigning key senior DOI staff members, including others in the National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management. Doing so would limit the power bureaucrats have intent on implementing the goals of the previous Administration.

However, soon after the announcement, The Blaze reports the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) filed a Freedom of Information Act request attempting to find out the reason for the reassignments. The CBD openly admits they think the Trump Administration is hostile to the environment. One attorney for the green group named Taylor Mckinnon accuses Zinke of being against public lands, endangered species, national parks and American Indian tribes.

With the information in their hands, CBD can use the documents as a means to try to undermine the President’s reform efforts. In essence, the CBD is another alligator in the Washington DC swamp of corruption and is seeking to bite anyone who attempts to change their ancien regime.