Animal “rights” activists call for murder of Yale graduate student

PETA’s gang of online vegan fanatics answered a call from the group who decided to produce a video condemning Yale doctoral graduate medical student Christine Lattin for her post doctoral research that involves using songbirds.

Dr. Lattin states at her website that her research seeks to clarify how neuroendocrine systems help organisms respond appropriately to their ever-changing environments.

Despite Lattin’s statement, according to The Tab, People for the Torture, Extortion and Abuse of human beings saw it fit to accuse Lattin in a video PETA produced accusing Lattin of torturing songbirds in cruel experiments. They also further claim Lattin’s experiments are meaningless and are killed after weeks of months of repeated abuse.

Shortly after PETA’s video was released, animal rights activists called for the firing and event murder of Dr. Lattin.

This latest act of savagery is one more example that animal rights is not about the humane or ethical treatment of animals but the animalistic treatment of humans. It is one more avenue environmentalists use in their war on mankind. In this case of animal rights, it is an attack on our healthcare which translates into attacking methods to extend human life.

Nor surprisingly, no offers from any of Dr. Lattin’s critics to place themselves as test subjects in place of the songbirds she uses. PETA’s video initiating their harassment campaign is below.