Animal “rights” group blackmails Berkeley, CA meat and dairy shops

After four months of non-stop harassment, owners of The Local Butcher Shop in Berkeley, California gave in to animal rights activist’s demand to place a sign in their business’s window stating that animals own their own lives and killing them, regardless of the manner used, is unjust.

Terrorists with the group Direct Action Everywhere (DAE) used a variety of intimidation tactics in order to achieve their goal of blackmailing the San Francisco butcher store. According to Eater the activists would shout speeches, sing songs, hold vigils, and cover themselves in plastic wrap and fake blood as if they were meat.

The San Francisco Chronicle reveals that Direct Action Everywhere has increasingly targeted local meat and dairy companies that make claims about the welfare and sustainability of their products, with the ultimate goal of removing animals from agriculture and other types of confinement altogether.

Local Butcher Shop owners Aaron and Monica Rocchino were given two choices by the human haters at Direct Action Everywhere. Put up their sign where protests occur twice a year or change their business model to a vegan butcher shop. Thankfully and despite DAE’s claim of victory, the Rocchinos, state (so far) the sign’s presence has not affected business and it won’t change anyone’s mind.

Like other environmentalist groups, animal rights organizations have declared all out war on mankind and the best way to ensure a reduced human population is to assault the very means that keeps humans alive and healthy: the food supply. Groups like Direct Action Everywhere are nothing more than a green mafia who seek to strong arm businesses to halt the sale of meat and dairy products. Their end goal is to not only end human flourishing and enjoyment but kill off humans in general by seeking to shrink the food supply.