Viacom sacks Philippine resort after opposition and threat from environmentalists

Viacom International Media Networks had an ambitious project to build a Nickelodeon-themed underwater entertainment park and resort in a joint venture with Coral World Park near Coron located in the Philippines. Soon after the proposal was announced in January, Greenpeace and other local green groups sprung into action.

According to Rappler, the Tagbanua Tribes of Coron Island Association and Save Philippine Sea raised objections to the project, claiming the resort would disturb the natural habitat, the region didn’t need the theme park and beautiful scenery of Coron. Greenpeace also set up an online petition that garnered over 200,000 signatures.

To top it all off, on July 27th, a Greepeace Philippines spokesperson issued a threat to Viacom stating: Drop this outrageous project as early as possible, or else face a possible reputational backlash!

After all of the outcry from environmentalists and allied groups, the company backed off of from their idea. After the project was cancelled without any hope of reviving their proposal, environmentalist groups cheered. One group called Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines stated the cancellation was a welcome development and that projects like the Viacom plan could negatively affect the environment. Green groups went further by urging local and national officials to reject any potentially destructive proposal anywhere in Palawan province or the Philippines overall.

Never mind, of course, that not only are there other resorts in the vicinity of Coron, but Viacom’s resort would bring much needed development to the area including jobs so that local people would have the ability to make their lives better. When all is said and done, the environmentalists opposed to Viacom’s idea will go back to their nice, comfortable fossil fuel powered homes while the average and poor Filipinos in Palawan province suffer because of their efforts.

It is a lot easier to oppose economic development when you have a lot of money and think you can tell other people how to live. Besides, what do the lives of a few under class people matter anyway?