Windfarms in Ohio pit environmentalists against residents

Despite it being a booming business, many Ohio residents are not happy with wind farms mainly due to the noise and their scenery being ruined. So much so that some are organizing against them. The Columbus Dispatch profiles retired 61-year old school teacher Brenda DeLong who belongs to the group Citizens for Clear Skies.

DeLong is tired of the noise coming from over one hundred wind turbines and the fact that the scenery she knew when first buying her house is gone. She expresses the frustration of many Ohio residents and has made it a point to attend meetings with her fellow activists to speak out against wind turbines at state and local meetings.

The (albeit minimal) economic gains are there for wind mills despite nominal job creation. School districts, for example, receive sizeable amounts of property tax collections but researchers state that with the expected increase in wind farms resulting from environmentalist advocacy, opposition to them will go up as well.

Environmentalists who propose renewable energy boondoggles, like wind farms, intentionally avoid fact that, at their core, they are anti-industry and anti-civilization. If we want abundant sources of energy at lower cost, the solution is not replacing fossil fuels but enhancing our access to them. The below video also describes the Ohio wind mill controversy.

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  1. Holy nelly! That video is intense. 100+ Industrial Turbines in her back and front yard bugging her crazy.
    And everyone of them backed up 24/7 by nukes and or coal!
    What a joke. Poor lady.


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