PETA harasses Indiana’s “Wildlife in Need”

People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA) is at it again. Consistent with their hostility of keeping animals in captivity for humans to see and experience wild animals, the group has an Indiana roadside zoo in its crosshairs.

The wildlife refuge Wildlife in Need located in Charlestown, Indiana is being sued by PETA for violations of the Animal Welfare Act. According to the News and Tribune, the group alleges the facility’s tigers and lions were declawed which is illegal under the Animal Welfare statute.

PETA further alleges that animals in the custody of Wildlife in Need have been mistreated, cited numerous times for violations by the USDA and their press release singles out the organization’s head, Tim Stark, for flagrantly violating the law and disregarding the well being of animals in his care.

After reviewing lots of videos featuring Tim Stark, how he treats the animals at his sanctuary and reading the numerous reviews by visitors of Animals in Need at Yelp (which are mostly positive), it is safe to conclude that PETA is not only lying about Animals in Need but intentionally misrepresents how Tim Stark treats animals in his care. In short, PETA is harassing the owners of Animals in Need

For example, PETA alleged in a complaint to the USDA that Tim Stark intentionally mistreated and mishandled a Kodiak bear cub named Gizzy in his possession during an educational lecture he gave at a wildlife refuge in May.

The only thing is, the video PETA uses to allege abuse is less than two minutes long and is clearly edited to make Stark look bad since it does not show the event in its entirety. WHAS showed in its report on the complaint shows Gizzy walking next Tim Stark and in good spirits. Stark says the cub likes to play and that is one of the reasons why its was gnawing on his hand.

It is true that Wildlife in Need has been previously cited numerous times and the sanctuary should be held responsible if it breaks the rules it is expected to follow established by the USDA. However, Tim Stark is clearly a strong willed individual and, according to on Yelp reviewer, is a straight shooter in his dealings with others.

What is not known is the context and intent of the citations and there is the possibility the inspectors themselves were zealots. PETA and other animal rights groups are notorious for harassing zoos and other animal-related sanctuaries, which includes producing edited videos intended to make their targeted groups or individuals look bad. This is mainly because PETA hate the idea of humans being able to have friendly relations with or even having possession of animals.

There are any number of activities PETA will campaign against because the group is nothing more than a bunch of prudes using animal welfare as an excuse to tell other people what to do with their lives. PETA’s ethic is to sacrifice mankind to the needs of animals who have no sense of morality or civilized behavior. Small wonder then PETA exists to protect animal welfare since the group is as savage as the creatures they exist to defend.