Animal “rights” terrorists issue death threats to NC sustainability school staff

A small, woman-run sustainable skills school in western North Carolina named Wild Abundance is the target of a harassment campaign by animal rights terrorist group North American Animal Liberation. According to the Citizen-Times, the focus of the campaign is over a class the school hosts entitled Cycles of Life: Humane Slaughter and Butchering. The class teaches students meat preservation and involves the slaughter of a 100 sheep that is not only processed into food, but students also shown how use the animal in its entirety.

Wild Abundance head Natalie Blogwalker told the Citizen-Times that she has received phone calls and even emails threatening physical harm and even death. The messages contain threats stating they hoped the school’s staff’s throats were cut, that they die a painful death and that they’re sick and demented.

An online petition calling for the school to be shut down but, so far, has garnered only 800 signatures. As opposed to last year when a similar effort was conducted and the online petition had far more signatures. The school doesn’t just teach about ethical slaughter of animals, it also hosts classes on carpentry, basket weaving, wild-food cookery and soap-making. The sheep slaughter class is a small part of the school’s overall purpose.

Last year, a similar effort occurred where an animal rights group urged Wild Abundance to turn the sheep over to a sanctuary. However, just like then, there is no indication the school intends to cancel their sheep slaugter event. Instead, the women who staff the institution think there are far more pressing issues that protesters should turn their attention to than their slaughtering a sheep.

This entire controversy doesn’t just reveal a split among environmentalists but clearly shows the totalitarian nature of their movement. Environmentalism isn’t just destructive to human life outside their circles of influence and civilization in general, it is also anti-human to the point where environmentalists will even turn on each other (i.e. eat their own) over ideological differences.

Photo Credit: Francisco DeGoya’s painting: Saturn Devouring His Son