Animal “rights” activists harass Canadian Indigenous restaurant that serves seal meat

Animal rights activists have decided to take it upon themselves to harass a Toronto restaurant, Ku-Kum Kitchen, for serving seal meat as part of its cuisine. According to Vice News, the owner and chef of the establishment, Joseph Shawana, is North Toronto Cree in which Ku-kum is the Cree word for Grandmother and Shawana chose the word to honor his grandmother’s memory.

So far, Shawana has kept a low profile throughout the controversy saying he is trying to learn from both sides. Indigenous people, according to Vice, are upset and complain that their cultural foods are being targeted. Not only has a petition been taken out urging Shawana to remove seal from his restaurant’s menu but animal rights activists have also given the establishment one star ratings on Ku-Kum’s Facebook page.

The Cree Indians are well aware of the campaign Greenpeace conducted in the 1970’s that shut down the Inuit tribe’s seal hunt industry which nearly destroyed the lives of Inuit Indians and took the tribe years to recover.

Citing Canadian government data, Ku-Kum’s seal meat supplier, SealDNA, told Vice News the seal population is flourishing and demand for the meat is relatively low. The seals are killed humanely by trained, professional hunters in which they ensure the seals are unaware of being targeted once they are killed which is done quickly.

On the other hand, animal rights activists are obviously lying not only about the condition of the seals but also the context of the manner in which they are hunted. For example;the petition taken out to demand Ku-Kum Kitchen no longer serve seal meat states:

They are bludgeoned in the forehead with a tool called a [sic] hakipik or shot with a high powered rifle, then cut under their flippers to bleed out. There is blood everywhere and they suffer as a lot of them do not die immediately.

None of that is true and it is no surprise that only seals are the animals at issue when Ku-Kum Kitchen also serves Nova Scotia oysters, elk, pheasant and halibut. It’s because seal is a cuisine the North Toronto Cree tribe consume and that is specifically why animal rights activists are singling it out.

The seal meat controversy demonstrates not only the activist’s hatred of humans (in this case native Indians) but also their effort deny people the overall experience of eating the animal. Animal rights is nothing more than a gang of prudes who seek to make the existence of humans (except them of course) a living hell on Earth. That includes denying people dietary choices and experiences not only so humans can live but have pleasurable dining experiences involving meat.