Greenpeace prevails in logging company lawsuit … for now

Greenpeace has won the first round in a racketeering lawsuit brought against them by Resolute Forest Products. According to Bloomberg federal judge in San Francisco dismissed the case Monday stating Resolute can revise and refile its claims.

Canada-based Resolute Forest Products accuses Greenpeace of being a global fraud in its suit and has included other environmentalist groups in its litigation. Simultaneously, Energy Transfer Partners, who has constructed the Keystone XL
pipeline, accuses Greenpeace of eco-terrorism, encouraging activists to not only sabotage but also violently obstruct the company’s construction of the Keystone pipeline.

According to Bloomberg, in his decision, US District Judge John Tigar said Resolute wasn’t specific enough with its description of how Greenpeace acted with malicious intent and that its claims that Greenpeace threatened Resolute’s corporate customers if they didn’t end their relationship with Resolute were not precise. Even though Greenpeace sought to harm Resolute by urging its customers to cut ties, Tigar said, the group did not seek to seize Resolute’s business assets.

The ruling is not really a set back since it requires Resolute to amend its legal brief by providing more details in which they have 21 days to do so. If the amendment is rejected, hopefully the company will appeal and then prevail. Also, Resolute still has its 2012 defamation lawsuit against Greenpeace which is still pending.

It is small wonder why Dr. Patrick Moore has denounced Greenpeace which he helped establish as evil. The group has admitted that the content of the literature they distributed against Resolute and is cited as an example of Greenpeace’s misrepresentations are hyperbole and non-verifiable statements of subjective opinion.

Greenpeace will not only twist the truth but will outright lie about the activities of companies the group deems as detrimental to the environment. This is due to the environmentalist group’s hostility of any efforts by mankind to bend the environment in order to benefit humans.