“Peoples Climate March” organizer called for violence

During March 20th of this year, an undercover George Washington University Student snuck in to the organizing meeting for the so-called People’s Climate March that took place on April 20th.

One organizer, Plymouth UCC Church minister Graylan Halger out of Washington D.C. got up and spoke calling out greedy billionaires, the fallacies of capitalism, and then threatened violence against those who got in the way of the Left’s vision for society. Some of the things Halger said were:

We need to jack up those who are trying to jack us up! And We gotta put our bodies on the line. Somebody, and somebodies, are gonna need to go to jail. And somebodies, are gonna need to disrupt some things in this country.

Every one of Halger’s remarks were met by enthusiastic applause. The issue of climate change has never been about science but as a means to advance Leftist policies geared to destroy industrialized countries. The excitement for Halger’s statements and the violence at the Dakota Access Pipeline protests demonstrate green activists are willing to conduct terrorism more than they ever have been.