PETA wants Texans to contract lyme disease

It should be of no surprise in many ways when People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA) opposes animal culls. Most recently, the group decried a recent deer cull undertaken in Horseshoe Bay, Texas.

According to PETA’s action item, the group accuses the city of Horseshoe Bay of allowing deer to lethal measures such as their being lured into traps, netted, and pinned to the ground. Their antlers are sawed off, and then the animals are hauled upside down into a trailer. This sounds heavy handed and what PETA alleges maybe accurate since the only thing the city states in its announcement is that deer are trapped and removed from city limits during fall and winter.

What should be of concern isn’t just the potential for people to badly damage their vehicles if Horseshoe Bay residents and visitors accidentally collide with deer resulting from the increase in their population, nor the possibility of someone contracting rabies or some sort of infection due to being bitten by a doe.

Environmentalists seek larger deer populations, not out of concern for preserving the species, but for a reason more dishonest than they care to admit: infecting people with lyme disease.

As it turns out, there is a breed of tick that carries lyme disease and deer are one of many animals the parasites piggy back on.

Lyme disease is a deadly, painful illness, and since environmentalists hate humans their opposition to deer hunting and cull programs makes sense. By allowing deer and other animal populations to grow, increases the risk of humans catching lyme disease or other illnesses due to the likelihood of contact. This, in turn, leads to more people becoming ill or even dying if they become infected.

Environmentalists like to portray their efforts of saving animal species as a noble gesture conjuring up images of popular films, like Bambi, in an attempt to pull on our heartstrings. Worst of all, in many instances, the mainstream media will help green groups further their propaganda.

Yet if one considers the true intent of animal rights group’s actions in opposing cull campaigns or hunting, one realizes the sinister intent of why groups, like PETA, oppose curbing animal populations. It is nothing more than another back handed manner to infect humans with disease in hopes of killing mankind off.