Why Leftists Always Win

The content of this video is exactly what needs to be said about the mentality of Leftists (like environmentalists) and the threat they pose to Western Civilization, if not humanity in general. In this video, Stefan Molyneux bluntly and directly points out that there is a reason why the Left continues to push for policies regardless of their outcome.

The Left not only considers human lives lost as collateral damage in their overall goal to not only achieve their utopia but also take out potential opponents. Molyneux’s point ties into why animal rights activists cheer and even gloat when Melania Capitan and others commit suicide resulting from their harassment and intimidation campaigns.

Time and again, the Left overlooks and ignores outcomes, like the millions who died resulting from their policies, because they are all about achieving and maintaining power at any cost. The Left has not been radicalized, at their core, they are radicals. Like Ayn Rand said: In any conflict between two men (or two groups) who hold the same basic principles, it is the more consistent one who wins. The Left is consistent in their application of their destructive principles and, what’s worse, is that the opposition enables them thinking Leftists are misguided when they are not.

We only have one civilization and the more people remain complacent, the faster we lose our way of life. The time for action to defeat the Left and defend our civilization is now or never.