Did animal “rights” activists free Mevy from her circus cage?

One-and-a-half-year-old, 440 pound tigress, Mevy, escaped from her Cirque Bormann-Moreno circus cage in Paris on Sunday. Upon discovering this and after the tiger wandered through city streets, Mevy’s owner, Eric Bormann, located the tiger in an alley near the Eiffel Tower and shot her dead.

Soon after the shooting, the animal rights group Bridgette Bardot Foundation naturally expressed outraged. They used the occasion to call for banning the use of live animals in circuses.

Eric Bormann explained that a tranquiler gun was not used since the drugs would have taken too much time to take effect. What is of note isn’t just the outrage expressed by animal rights activists over the shooting, nor the killing of Mevy herself after she left her cage, but that Bormann suspects foul play in terms of how the tiger got out.

The tiger trainer says that Mevy’s cage was secured with a lock and chain. But he discovered it had been intentionally cut. The enclosure where she was located is literally a cage within a cage and the other seperation door was left open. In the circus’s 40 year history, Bormann said, a wild animal has never gotten out.

Bormann’s suspicion is certainly warranted and if an investigation is to be opened, animal rights groups should be included as a party of suspicion. There have been numerous instances of animal rights activists who have stolen or maliciously let out animals from fur-making facilities and abbatoirs (i.e. slaughter houses).

It would be scandalous if an animal rights sympathizer or activist released Mevy from her compound. The intent would be to see humans killed in order to lay the groundwork to ban live animals in circuses. The human deaths would be collateral damage to them in order to achieve their goal or just to sacrifice a few more people for Mother Earth.