Green politico cheers CA wildfires to destroy Rupert Murdoch’s home

Former adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton and green academic Neera Tanden deleted a tweet yesterday that seemed to cheer for California wildfires to torch the Be Air home of media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

The Washington Times caught and posted images of her tweets responding to one of her Twitter followers pointing out Murdoch’s home was in jeopardy. In her response Tanden said: There is a God and she is unhappy.

The backlash against Tanden’s response was enormous with one of her Twitter followers calling Tanden’s initial statement classless. None the less, Tanden still dug in my responding:I do not hope for such things at all. I just note the Karma.

Tanden then later expressed regret, deleting her tweet stating she felt bad about it. Thanks to the efforts of Los Angeles firefighters, Murdoch announced his home and its residential vineyard seem to have escaped unscathed.

For someone, like Tanden, to initially express such hatred toward a wealthy individual who holds different political views speaks volumes of her hateful, callous nature underneath her perfumes and makeups. Can’t say that environmentalists (whether they are advisors for political candidates, public policy scholars or hard-core activists) aren’t consistent in their hatred of others.